Orange is Perfect For The Fall

I have another outfit this week that is orange, but this time bright orange! I love how I can wear this outfit now when it’s still warm. I can easily transition into warmer wear if the weather ever decides to cool down.


Being that it is still 85 degrees, a skirt like this is perfect to get in some fall pictures and not die of a heat stroke. If you live in Texas, or if you have ever visited, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.


An Orange Outfit That is Perfect For The Fall


I found this cute skirt at New York & Company. I was having a hard time finding the right top. I shopped at stores and I went through my closet, but I couldn’t find anything. I finally decided to look on Amazon. These days Amazon is my go-to store. I can find almost anything and everything that I’m looking for. My shopping was done in less than 5 minutes. I’m wearing some black heels from my closet, which goes great with the outfit.


You can easily add tights to this outfit; add a black leather jacket, or a sweater to dress a bit warmer for cooler weather.


I’m in love with the lips on the skirt and how dainty this skirt is! The blouses sleeves are so unique and cute. What are your thoughts?


Keep in mind there are other colors that go great for fall. Orange is just an obvious choice and is a pretty color in my opinion. Black, brown, red, and green are some great colors to incorporate into your fall fashion wardrobe too.


I would love to see how you style some of your outfits. Feel free to send me your fall fashion wear and I may feature you. You can send it to my email at


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Transition to the Fall Season

I love the fall season! The weather starts to cool down and then you can start to dress warmer. If you live in Texas you won’t see cooler weather till the very end of October or the beginning of November. I have a cute bohemian looking dress that is perfect for warmer weather, but it is also a great outfit that you can transition into the fall season with.


I absolutely love the bohemian look! My favorite part of this dress is the bottom of it. It’s very uniquely designed. I got this dress at Target. My purse is from Goodwill. My wedges are from Dillards.

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Fall Porch Decor

Last fall we were just settling in our new home. Fall came and we were still living out of boxes. I definitely didn’t have time to decorate for fall. Now that it has been a year we are completely settled in and I finally have my porch decorated for the fall season. I have accumulated stuff throughout the years and I also buy a couple new things every year.


My three favorite stores that I get my fall decor from are Hobby Lobby, TJMaxx, and Target. The best time to get the fall décor is when it’s on sale. You can find all fall décor at Hobby Lobby for 40% off. The percentage off goes up the closer it gets for the season to be over. That is when it’s the best time to do your shopping for decor.

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Bible Scriptures For Life Storms

We all go through life storms rather if it’s an actual tropical storm headed your way and you have to take precautions, or if you feel like your life is falling apart. Many of us face huge obstacles that come our way. It could be a work related problem, health issues, finance problems, relationship issues, or a family crisis. Whatever it is we can get to the point of feeling trapped, like there is no way out. We may even question why am I going through this? Our faith can be tested so much that we even question God. It’s normal to feel depressed and clueless on how things will get better. You might not think this, but when you hit rock bottom there is only one way to go and that’s up. God just wants you to call out to him during this time so he can help you put the pieces back together.

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DIY Sliding Barn Door

When we moved into our new house last year I picked out the room that I wanted to be my office. It is a formal dining room with a built in cabinet and an open doorway that is 50” wide. With all the noise and distractions in our house, I was in desperate need of a door. A normal door would not fit so I started doing a little research. I will eventually style our home in a farmhouse chic style, and I found exactly what I wanted. A sliding barn door would fit perfectly! I searched around and the door I wanted was over 600 dollars. This did not include installation or the mounting bracket and hardware. This was going to cost us over 1000 dollars! We put our DIY thinking caps on and figured out an inexpensive, beautiful way, to build it ourselves. We learned a lot during this project and hopefully you will learn from our mistakes and your install will go flawlessly.

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Resort Attire

We recently got back from a resort in Jamaica. It never fails that it comes the time to pack and I’m indecisive on what to bring. I wanted to show you some great options that have been perfect for me to wear to a resort.

What To Wear For A Resort

This black and white jumper is perfect to wear to a resort. You don’t always know what the restaurants will be like at the resort, so this is a great option to wear. It’s not dressy, but it’s not very casual either. I normally try to stay away from stripes just because it can make you look bigger than you are, but the black on this jumper seems to slim you down and is very flattering.

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Does All Inclusive Really Mean All Inclusive?

We recently went to an all inclusive resort for our anniversary. We had contemplated for weeks on where we would go and what resort we would stay at. We knew it had to be by beautiful blue water. We did a lot of research and we read a lot of reviews. I don’t know what exactly was the deciding factor, but in just a blink of an eye my husband knew where we would be going for our first out of the country trip that we took together. Let me say this right at the beginning, we did not receive any compensation for this trip. Everything we say about Jamaica and the resort is 100% genuine, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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