A Retreat With God

It has been on my heart to spend some real time with God for quite some time now. What I mean by “real time” is a full day devoted to God like a retreat. That means no phone, no social media, no work, and leaving all responsibilities for a day. Leaving work and my responsibilities for a day means more work for me when I come back. The willingness was there, but I couldn’t ever find the time. Life would always get in the way. The truth is that we will always have things to do. Being busy is not of the spirit but of the flesh. I have written about how being busy is not how God intended us to live our lives. Busy is another word for distraction. Distraction is what will keep us from God. You can read about that article here.


The Lenten season starts tomorrow. For years I have celebrated Lent, but it has taken me a long time before I could truly understand what the Lenten season means, and I’m still learning more everyday. Jesus Christ’s sacrifice is the greatest example of love and forgiveness ever and somehow it is all too easy to forget. We forget the pain and torture that Jesus went through. We forget what the cross means.


When we go through hard times; what do we do? Do we sin and hold it inside our heart, and bottle it up, or do we lay it at the feet of Jesus? Our sins are already forgiven if only we give it up to him.


God loves us all so much that we can’t even fathom how much. This reminds me of the bible verse John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” It’s hard for us humans to wrap our mind around that kind of love. What does God want from us? He wants us to love him back and to give our life to him.


Lent is a time to grow closer to him, to get to know God in ways we never knew him before. It’s a time for us to give ourselves to him. In doing so, we will grow and understand things that we never have understood before.

A Retreat With God

I took that time with God finally and put everything aside. I got a backpack and packed waters, bread, my bible, and a journal. I took off to some trails and went on a retreat with God. I spent the day in my bible, praying and writing in my journal. This was actually the first time I have ever devoted time like this to God and it was an amazing experience. It was raining that day and I had a heavy heart from some things that were going on in my life. I was able to be alone in the woods and finally give it all to God. I was brought down to my knees seeking Gods guidance, in desperation for direction. I can’t say all of my prayers were answered at that time, or that I got the direction I needed to be headed in, but it’s what happened afterwards that really surprised me.

After my retreat with God I received a peace and a kind of strength that I could only have because of God. My relationship grew even more after spending that quality time with God. This Lenten season I encourage you to spend some time with God.

I wanted to re-create my retreat on video just to show a glimpse of the love and peace I felt so this would encourage others to take time to spend the day with God. To check out the beautiful video click here.



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Pink And Black Valentines Outfit

Valentine’s day is coming up next week. What colors will you be wearing? The colors red, maroon, pink, and black are some typical colors to wear. Although, you can make any color look great with the right accessories.


Here is a little Valentine inspiration for you. This is a super cute and classy pink dress from New York & Company. I’m styling the dress with some black leggings, some black fur boots, and a bow necklace. The leggings are also from New York & Company. The fur boots are from Dillards and the necklace is from Charming Charlie.

This is a great outfit for the month of February when it’s usually a pretty cold month. The pink and black goes really well together. Adding a cute purse would complete the outfit.

You can always find a dress like this and either copy this style, or change it up and make it your own. You can also even shop from your closet.

If you are wanting to change up this look a bit you can wear a scarf instead of a necklace. You can also wear some heels instead of boots. Another way of changing up the outfit is adding a belt.


If you need some last minute date idea places here is a great list.


  • Dinner at a fancy restaurant
  • Go to a comedy show
  • Go ice skating
  • Stay in and do dinner and a movie
  • Game night
  • Wine tasting
  • Have a picnic at home
  • Spa day for two
  • Re-create your first date
  • Make a DIY project together
  • Make a special dinner dish at home
  • Paint a picture
  • Take a trip
  • Take some pictures at different spots and make some new memories
  • Stargaze while drinking a glass of wine.


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Meeting Your Fitness Goals With Nokia Health


I think we would all love to meet our fitness Goals? I know that I would! How many of you have a hard time staying on track? I definitely do. It never fails that life gets in the way. It’s difficult to stay accountable and to continue to stay in a routine. When I see can see the results, like gaining muscle tone or losing pounds, it’s easier for me to keep moving forward. It doesn’t always work out that way though. Sometimes you are making progress, but you can’t see it on the scale or on your body. What if there was something to help you track your progress? Great news, there is a body analyzer scale that not only shows your weight, but your bone mass, water, muscle, and fat mass. Oh, and it even tells you the weather!

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Life Skills To Teach Our Kids

You wouldn’t believe how many kids lack the basic knowledge of life skills. You have eighteen year olds that have no idea how to cook, load a dishwasher, iron, do their laundry, check the oil in the car, have basic organizational skills, budgeting skills, and etc. The list goes on and on. The public school doesn’t do a good job in teaching life skills, although I’ve seen some schools trying to improve in this area. These are some of the skills that our kids will need to know for the rest of their life. Here is a list of skills to get started on.

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Self-Care For The Worn Out Mom

The reality is that we are all in need of self-care. In today’s world we are constantly on the go. We work, take care of the kids, shuffle our kids around, cook, clean, and by the end of the day we are worn out. If you are a mom then you definitely know about putting your family’s needs before your own. Many of us don’t make time to take care of ourselves, but it is very much needed. We have to remember that if we want our family to function well then we need to be taking good care of ourselves. We start with self-care and finding some time to spoil ourselves a bit.

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Buttery Pecan Croissant Dessert

My child loves anything buttery and that contains bread. If you follow us on social media then you know that I just started homeschooling my child. One of the many things that I’m teaching him is how to cook. Of course the first recipe had to be something sweet! I supervised, but he did all the work and made it all by himself.

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Positive Affirmations For Your Children

Positive affirmations are not something that we think of to say on a daily basis. We live in a world of negativity and our children pick up on that negativity. Overtime in public school my child has been consumed with negative words spoken to him, negative thoughts given to him, and negative actions that has been done unto him. When so many of our children are brought up in negativity it is hard for them to see themselves in a positive light. Their inner thoughts, actions, and feelings become overwhelming for them to comprehend.

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10 Bible Verses That Will Help Your Child In Their Puberty Years

Puberty is in no way scary at all! I think we are all laughing about that because the truth is…it’s one of the hardest times for our children and for us as parents. It’s such a confusing time for both parents and kids. We want our children to have a good understanding of themselves and what they are going through. In reality, as parents we can have a hard time knowing how to help them at this time.

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