Keeping Your Family Safe During the 100 Deadliest Days On The Road

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The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety states that the summer months between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the 100 deadliest days to be on the road if you are a new teen driver. It’s important to teach good driving safety habits to our teens and our family members.


Driving a vehicle with the latest technology gives us parents peace of mind. We recently test drove a Chevy Equinox for a road trip and we were in awe of all of the cool safety features. Our thirteen-year-old son got to see the surround vision camera in action. Even though he is not at a driving age he got a lesson from dad on driving safe.


It won’t be long before our son will be driving. I know how easily he can get distracted, so knowing that there is technology out there that will warn him if he gets too close to another car definitely eases my mind.


We don’t have a vehicle with all of the new technology, so this was a treat for us. Truth be told, I have wanted to test drive an Equinox for a long time. I see them on the road and I love the size and the way they look. Having this beauty for the week has sold me on it. Especially when it comes to keeping your family safe.


During the 100 deadliest days Chevrolet is giving the public 5 safety tips.


  • Create awareness: Take the time to sit down with your loved ones and make sure they’re aware that car tragedies peak during the summer. Knowledge is key, so be sure the whole family knows the statistics and takes the time to get to know their rides, maintenance needs and in-vehicle technology.
  • Remember the basics: While newer vehicles offer advanced safety technologies, recent research from NHTSA shows that deaths resulting from speeding and lack of seatbelt use are on the rise. Just these two incredibly simple things – observing speed limits and always making sure everyone is wearing a seat belt – will help you and your family stay safe.
  •  Remind your family to speak up: Encourage your           children to speak up if they are in a situation where safe driving     practices are not being demonstrated. Summer often means your kids will be in the car with friends and family without you. No matter what age your children are, they must know it’s OK to remove themselves from dangerous driving situations.


  • Put your phone away: We know it can be tempting to pick up your mobile device while in your vehicle, but don’t do it. Make use of your vehicle’s available connectivity features like Bluetooth and hands-free calling and keep your eyes on the road. And remember your kids are watching everything you do, so modeling good behavior helps them develop good driving behaviors, too.


  • Take advantage of all the tech available: Having a teen driver today can be extremely stressful, but thanks to some of the latest technology, it’s also filled with less uncertainty than it used to be. Vehicles today have the ability to provide a report card of your driving’s behaviors and send text alerts when your teen’s vehicle has gone outside of a pre-determined area. Vehicles also have features to help remind parents that they may have left something in the back seat. Making sure you’re aware of everything your car can do to help you keep your family safe is key.


To check out more safety feature from Chevrolet go here


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