Simple Techniques To Look Tall and Thin in Pictures

You wouldn’t think some simple changes on how you pose can make you look both tall and thin, but it makes a huge difference. I had a photo-shoot with my husband and one of my blogger besties, Anjeclica with Crafty Thrifter. She was our second eye and let me tell you it made a huge difference.


For this photo-shoot I’m wearing a cute cold-shoulder pink dress from Francesca’s. My heels match perfectly with this dress, but I had my shoes way before I bought my dress. The two look like that they were made for each other. My heels are from Dillards.


This photo-shoot went so smooth because of my friend’s second eye. Her tips combined with what I know, made this photo-shoot go amazingly well! I’m listing some simple techniques to use and do, to make yourself look tall and thin in your picture.

Techniques To Use To Make Yourself Look Tall & Thin in Pictures

  1. It helps when you have a second eye besides the person who is taking the picture. They are able to see just you without having to worry about the lighting, settings, or anything else. They can give you some great tips since they are only concentrated on you.
  2. If you want to look taller than have your photographer get lower than you. This will elongate your legs, which will make you look tall.
  3. If you want to hide your stomach, you want to stand tall and lean your upper body forward a little bit like in this picture.
  4. Never stand directly straight in front of the camera. It will make you look bigger. You want to angle yourself. Pick your best side and turn that way.
  5. Use your hair and your arms to distract from your mid-section.
  6. Most importantly wear heels, and stand up straight.

This was actually one of my favorite fashion posts because I felt like I looked great. The pictures made me look tall and thin. In all reality, I was hiding a lot of fat on my mid section.


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