The Brutal Honesty Of Parenting

Can I be brutally honest? If you have kids then you know that there are always struggles when it comes to parenting. It’s like running through a forest of hills where you go up and down with obstacles in your way. We can probably agree as a whole that it’s hard to be a parent, but have you ever felt like your child is especially hard? I wonder many times why other parents seem to have it easier than me. It’s not something that anyone would like to admit, I know I don’t. Have you ever felt like you try do everything that you can do to be a good parent, to help your child, and the results are still the same?

I see some kids that things come easy to them. Some kids are mature, they listen, they do well in school, and they seem almost perfect. They make parenting look easy. Then you have other kids who you have to really teach and try to mold them. They struggle with concepts, social aspects, behavior, they need constant redirecting, and pretty much nothing comes easy to them. They make parenting more difficult.

From the very beginning my child has made parenting difficult, really difficult. Our story didn’t start out with rainbows and butterflies either. We had things stacked up against us since day one. Through the years my child would finally master an area and then there was always three more areas that needed working on. I feel like he never gets a break. I can only imagine how he feels.

I then think back to my childhood and the more I thought about it, a lot of things didn’t come easy to me either. The behavior wasn’t a problem for me. I was always a well behaved child, but there were other areas that I really struggled in. For example, I struggled with school and I didn’t have many friends in my elementary years. I grew up as an only child and I was around adults most of the time. It was hard for me to know how to be a child myself. My son is also an only child.

I see my son on the soccer field on the other hand, and that comes so easy for him. While other kids are struggling to score a goal, he scores four in one game! It is so crazy to think that he is so good at soccer, but he struggles so much with other things.

The conclusion that I came to is that parenting is not easy no matter what, but I do believe there are some kids that are harder to parent than others. It is my belief that we all go through things to make us better and stronger. Some kids might need to go through difficulties to learn something because God has great things planned for their future.

From parent to parent, it’s okay if you feel like screaming and yelling, cursing, and wanting to flee because I know I have felt that way too many times to count. Your not a bad parent you are just human.



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