10 Cute Fall Outfits

Anywhere I go, I look at people’s outfits. It’s just something that I pay attention to. I love fashion and I love to look at other people’s taste. I thought it would be fun for me to put together several of my fall looks.


10 Cute Fall Outfits

This is a cute and easy outfit to put together. The maroon top is a off the shoulder oversized-knit sweater from Amazon. I’m wearing skinny jeans from the Buckle, the floppy hat is from Dillards and so are the booties.

This second outfit is a great casual look. I’m wearing some black skinny jeans, and a beige crop top sweater from JCPenney, and the black booties are from TJMAXX. The hat is from Target.


The third outfit is more dressy. This is a great outfit to transition from summer to fall. I’m wearing a circle skirt, and also a orange cold-shoulder top. The skirt is from New York & Company and the shirt is from Amazon. The heels are from Stein Mart.


This next outfit I’m wearing some skinny pants from TJMaxx and a white top from Charming Charlie. The heels are from Dillards and I’m not sure where my floppy hat is from, it was a gift.


This outfit is very casual but is one of my favorites. I’m wearing a plaid shirt underneath a beige sweater. They are both from Target. The booties are from Dillards.

This outfit is another one of my favorites because of the front pockets! The sweater is from New York & Company.

I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on this next outfit. I’m wearing a black and white checkered pancho from Charming Charlie and some black boots from Dillards.

In this outfit I’m wearing some skinny black pants from New York & Company, a brown sweater from Amazon, and some adorable heels from Dillards.

Who doesn’t like to be comfy? In this outfit I’m wearing a comfy beige sweater, some skinny jeans, and some long brown boots. The sweater is from TJMaxx and the boots are from Dillards.

This last outfit is another favorite of mine. I’m wearing skinny jeans, a white top, and a brown see-thru long shaw. All from TJMaxx.


I hope you like some of these looks. Let me know what you want to see for the upcoming winter season.




DIY Farmhouse Style Bed Frame

Our bed broke. What’s the first thing that pops in your head? Well, it’s not what you might be thinking. Our 13 year old son likes to run as fast as he can and jump on the bed really hard. We had a metal bed frame and one of the center pieces that support the middle broke right off. We used this as a good excuse to look for our first bedroom set. We never had a complete set before and thought it was time.

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Black and Brownish

I used to stay away from wearing black with any tint of brown. I was afraid of what others would think if it didn’t go perfectly together. I’ve said this plenty of times, but fashion is about you, not about what everyone else thinks. Fashion is meant to be fun and to take risks. Plus, it’s fall time and black and brown are prime colors for the season.


This outfit that I’m wearing is super cute! I have on skinny black pants with a brownish V-neck crisscross backless, loose knitted sweater. I’m also wearing some 3-inch heels with some fringe.

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Alternatives to Celebrating Halloween

When you think of Halloween, you think of taking your kids trick or treating, making cookies, and going to a haunted house. When I was little, Halloween was my second favorite holiday next to Christmas. I loved to dress up and to  decorate for Halloween. It’s a fun holiday that is harmless, right?


I am a Christian and have been for most of my life. I never once thought that Halloween was bad. As I have grown deeper into my faith, the actual holiday has opened up my eyes to so much more. Halloween is meant to be harmless, but the roots of the holiday is not something I want to be a part of, or I want my family to be a part of.

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Orange is Perfect For The Fall

I have another outfit this week that is orange, but this time bright orange! I love how I can wear this outfit now when it’s still warm. I can easily transition into warmer wear if the weather ever decides to cool down.


Being that it is still 85 degrees, a skirt like this is perfect to get in some fall pictures and not die of a heat stroke. If you live in Texas, or if you have ever visited, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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Transition to the Fall Season

I love the fall season! The weather starts to cool down and then you can start to dress warmer. If you live in Texas you won’t see cooler weather till the very end of October or the beginning of November. I have a cute bohemian looking dress that is perfect for warmer weather, but it is also a great outfit that you can transition into the fall season with.


I absolutely love the bohemian look! My favorite part of this dress is the bottom of it. It’s very uniquely designed. I got this dress at Target. My purse is from Goodwill. My wedges are from Dillards.

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Fall Porch Decor

Last fall we were just settling in our new home. Fall came and we were still living out of boxes. I definitely didn’t have time to decorate for fall. Now that it has been a year we are completely settled in and I finally have my porch decorated for the fall season. I have accumulated stuff throughout the years and I also buy a couple new things every year.


My three favorite stores that I get my fall decor from are Hobby Lobby, TJMaxx, and Target. The best time to get the fall décor is when it’s on sale. You can find all fall décor at Hobby Lobby for 40% off. The percentage off goes up the closer it gets for the season to be over. That is when it’s the best time to do your shopping for decor.

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Bible Scriptures For Life Storms

We all go through life storms rather if it’s an actual tropical storm headed your way and you have to take precautions, or if you feel like your life is falling apart. Many of us face huge obstacles that come our way. It could be a work related problem, health issues, finance problems, relationship issues, or a family crisis. Whatever it is we can get to the point of feeling trapped, like there is no way out. We may even question why am I going through this? Our faith can be tested so much that we even question God. It’s normal to feel depressed and clueless on how things will get better. You might not think this, but when you hit rock bottom there is only one way to go and that’s up. God just wants you to call out to him during this time so he can help you put the pieces back together.

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