Fashionable Wilderness Beauty

Happy second day of Fall! Are you excited for the cooler temperatures, pumpkins, and Fall fashion? I am! Except, it’s still hot here in Texas. This week I have a cute casual outfit that I wanted to share. This jacket is something I wouldn’t normally wear. I try not to wear dark colors because of my dark complexion. The dark colors tend to make me look even darker, but I fell in love with this green jacket. I also thought doing a photo-shoot near tall pine trees fit perfectly for this outfit. Who says you can’t look great in the wilderness?

The great part about jackets is that you can wear them with different clothing items. I wore skinny jeans cuffed and a spaghetti strap shirt underneath the jacket. A skirt or shorts would go great with this jacket too. For accessories, I kept it simple. I am wearing an inspirational bracelet from Suburban Girl. I love this bracelet because of the quote! A beautiful reminder is right there, you just have to look down. I wore gold heels to bring out the gold on my jacket.


I love, love this picture! I think the trees are gorgeous and the trees really made this picture feel like Fall is among us.








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All About The Fall Season!

Today is the official day of Fall. Too bad it doesn’t feel like it here in Texas. Hopefully by next month we will have cooler weather. Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year! I have put together some of Positively Beautiful Life’s favorite Fall posts. Check it out below.

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Balancing Work and Home Life

I have a calendar in my office and I plan things out a month in advance. My calendar is pretty full and I keep adding to it as the weeks go by. There are kid’s activities/sports, church, work, events, etc. Does this sound familiar to you? We are all so busy with our lives that it can be hard balancing work and home life. Are we doing too much of one thing and not enough of another?

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Lace Romper

I never used to like lace until I started to get older and now I love it! I had the opportunity to wear this gorgeous lace romper at a fashion show and I just had to have it. I think this romper is beautiful and classy. I would love to hear what you think?

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Fall Home Tour

Next Thursday is the first official day of Fall and I’m so excited! I have been decorating my home and I wanted to give you guys a tour of what I have done so far.

I love having a front porch to decorate and to sit and enjoy my cup of coffee. I didn’t add anything new besides the sign on the front door and some plants and pumpkins. The rest of decor is stuff that I already had in my attic. I just rearranged things.

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What Is Beauty?

At a very young age we start to see things as beautiful. The flowers are beautiful, that dress is beautiful, and that ballerina doll is beautiful. Society has a way of teaching our children what is beautiful and what’s not. A child can tell you if they think they are beautiful or not. I don’t have a little girl, but I do have a boy. He has already learned what beauty is, and his answer surprised me.

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White and Denim!

It’s super hot here in Texas. We won’t be seeing any kind of cooler temperatures till late October. So, why can’t I wear white? I love white. It brings out my dark skin tone, so it just works for me. I like to wear white all year round. You can also definitely wear denim all year as well. It’s not Fall yet, so I’m styling something cute and I don’t feel like I’m burning up in this outfit.

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The Importance Of Grandparents


Not everyone has the opportunity to know or have a relationship with his or her grandparents. I’m lucky! I lived with my Grandparents the first five years of my life. I have always been close to them, but not everyone has that kind of an opportunity. Everyone has different life experiences, but I wanted to share mine because it’s important to me and it may be able to help someone else.

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