16 Ways To Make Your Spouse Feel Special

When you are married life gets busy. You have your daily life routine from work, kids, cleaning, running errands, and etc. We sometimes forget to show our spouse how much we love them on a daily basis. Here are some ways you can show your spouse that he or she is still very special to you.

List of 16 things you can do to make your spouse feel loved

  1. Send a random text. (I love you) (I miss you) (Have a great day)
  2. Leave a note in their car.
  3. Greet him or her at the door with a kiss.
  4. Take your spouse lunch.
  5. Bring your spouse a coffee.
  6. Flirt with your spouse by whispering something sweet.
  7. Think of something that you normally don’t do and do it. Ex. If you normally give a regular kiss then French kiss.
  8. Smile at your spouse for a long period of time.
  9. Tell your spouse thank you for going to work today.
  10. Give your spouse a compliment.
  11. Hug your spouse daily.
  12. Send your spouse a love email.
  13. Pray with your spouse before going to work.
  14. Make your spouse laugh.
  15. Hold your spouses hand.
  16. Dance with your spouse.


Life isn’t more important than your spouse. No matter how busy you are, take time to show your spouse how special they are to you. Life is too short not to. It may seem like work to do this for some people, but if it becomes a habit then it will no longer be work. A happy marriage isn’t just going to happen by itself, you have to create a happy marriage. You may have heard “live like it was your last day.” Well, it’s the same thing with your marriage.



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  1. Agree with all of these!! We just got engaged but I still do all these things. I hope to continue to make my future husband feel special throughout our future marriage =)

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