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10 Places To Go In Texas During The Fall

I love the fall and the many things there are to do. Texas actually has some beautiful places to explore and visit. I have made a list of my favorite top 10 places to go during the fall season.

Pumpkin patchBarton Hill Farms has it all. They have a corn maze, rides, activities, food, music, and most importantly the best pumpkins to choose from.

Take a hikeLost Maples State Natural Area is a beautiful area to see the beautiful fall colors. It’s also great for fishing, camping, and bird watching. It is located in Vanderpool Texas. Two hours west of San Antonio. Note: The best time to go is during the week. They will close on the weekends if it gets over capacity. They can’t make reservations for day use.

Go Camping- Inks Lake State Park is a hidden gem in the hill country. It is located in Burnet Texas. It’s an hour north west of Austin. This is a great place to see scenic waterfalls, geocache, have a picnic, camp, fish, and to do watersports.


Go to the Renaissance Festival-The Texas Renaissance Festival is located in Todd Mission, Texas. It opens September 30th – November 26th. This is great family fun to go back in time with the Kings, Queens, Lords, Ladies, knights, and so forth. They have many performers and a range of activities. They also have food from all over the world.


Take a ride on a hot air balloonAustin Balloon Ride is a great place to see the beautiful hill country and around Austin Texas.

Take a scenic train ride– On the Austin Steam Train you can see the gorgeous hill country and partake in murder mysteries, and during Christmas the kids can’t help Mrs. Claus serve cookies and hot cocoa.


Have a picnicHermann Park in Houston takes the first place position in my book for the space, the beautiful Japanese Garden, train for the kids, and pedal boats to take on the water.

Eat the best Apple PieLove Creek Orchards in Medina, Texas takes the best apple pie award.


Go horseback riding- Widow Maker Trail Rides is located in SouthLake Texas. It’s a beautiful trail and the instructor is great, and very nice places to stop and take pictures.

Take a weekend tripBoerne Texas is a great place to see the fall colors, shop, eat great food, explore the local cave and nature center, go to the wineries, and take part in the festivities during the weekend. Boerne is not as populated as some other hill country towns like Fredericksburg Texas. That’s why it’s my top pick.



Dear Parents, Please Read

Dear Parents, this is not a letter that you want to read. You may even be tempted to stop reading. You might even be brave enough to finish reading this and say no, not my child. You might choose to ignore this and go about your life. I urge you to reconsider and take this letter seriously because even though I am not your daughter, I am somebody’s daughter.

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Western Boots Are Everyday Wear

I have many friends who love their western boots and they only wear them a couple of times a year. I had a friend once say; “I can’t wait till the rodeo so I can wear my boots.” I thought that was the weirdest thing. In all actuality western boots are everyday wear and not just for the rodeo.

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Desire Of Your Heart

You know that certain thing that you deeply desire. You may not tell people the way you feel but you have this strong passion for it. It will come to your mind every so often and oh how you wish you could have whatever you desire. You may even think it’s silly, but the desire won’t go away.

There are many things that I wish for. Now, as an adult, sometimes I think it’s silly to wish for certain things. I can be a very realistic person at times. I’m a believer that hard work pays off. I tell my son all the time that if he works hard then he can accomplish anything. As a parent, of course I would love to give him whatever he desires as long as I think it’s good for him.

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Delicious Cinnamon Chocolate Mocha

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #OfrendasConNestle AND #NestleKitchen #CollectiveBias

Sweaters and boots, the smell of cinnamon, delicious coffee, pumpkins, apple pie, cute fall decor, and family traditions are what make me think of the fall season. Isn’t it crazy that fall is here? Before too long the weather should be cooling off. It will be time to take out those sweaters and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while being outside in the cool weather.

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What to Do Before You Move Into Your New Home

A new home can be very exciting; it’s definitely an adventure. We just moved into the Austin area and as exciting it can be, there are also some things to consider before you move all of your stuff into your home. We have moved twice and for some reason we didn’t remember the mistakes that we made on our first move. I have a list of things to do before you move your stuff into your new home. This will definitely make the process much easier.

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Ladies Day Out Fashion

We all need a ladies day out the same as guys need their “guy-time.” Do you ever look in your closet and get stressed out because you have no idea what you are going to wear? I spend most of my time in work out clothes except when I go to events. It can get stressful trying to figure out what to wear for a ladies day out.

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