Black and Pink Glamour Fashion

Yay, it’s Fashion Friday! It’s been crazy trying to catch up after taking some time off. Luckily, I was able to fit in a photo shoot. I love this look that I am wearing! This is a great outfit to wear with the holidays coming up. I am wearing a black pencil skirt and a long sleeve ruffled pink blouse. It’s conservative and glamorous at the same time!


The black pencil skirt is from Dillards and the pink ruffled blouse is from New York and Company. The black heels are from Dillards as well and the purse is from Charming Charlie.


One thing is for sure I am not in my twenties anymore, so I have been trying to dress a little bit more conservatively. I normally don’t wear a blouse that covers my neck, but this blouse is adorable! This is great for church, work, work events, parties, dinners, and pretty much anywhere.


For accessories I didn’t wear a whole lot. I am wearing some pearl earrings, sunglasses, and of course I have a cute purse that ties in the whole look!


Here is a better look at these heels below. They are satin with a little bling in the middle. They are simple but classy!


I had to add this picture below because a short story comes with it. As you know, my wonderful husband Mr. PBL takes my pictures. Normally, I come up with the places, where we will shoot, I come up with the poses, and I pretty much run the show. Well, Mr. PBL got down to the ground and took this picture. I told him no, it wasn’t going to look good because people tend to look bigger than what they are when you take the picture in that angle. He told me, “trust me”. I was reluctant but I agreed. I am so glad I did because this is my favorite picture. Moral of the story… even when you think you know you should trust your spouse.



A special thank you to all those who have served and who are serving. Thank you for protecting us all. Happy Veterans Day!


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