Fashion Fridays

Western Boots Are Everyday Wear

I have many friends who love their western boots and they only wear them a couple of times a year. I had a friend once say; “I can’t wait till the rodeo so I can wear my boots.” I thought that was the weirdest thing. In all actuality western boots are everyday wear and not just for the rodeo.

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Ladies Day Out Fashion

We all need a ladies day out the same as guys need their “guy-time.” Do you ever look in your closet and get stressed out because you have no idea what you are going to wear? I spend most of my time in work out clothes except when I go to events. It can get stressful trying to figure out what to wear for a ladies day out.

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Date Night Fashion Look For Your Body Type

We have desperately been needing a date night since the move to Austin, Texas. We have been extremely busy dealing with house business such as selling our home back in Houston and buying a home in Austin. On top of that school is about to start, plus trying to get settled into our apartment has not been so easy and trying to get on a schedule. A date night is just what we are needing.

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Tips To Wearing Bright Orange

I was so excited when I found a bright orange top to wear for the summer! My wardrobe colors change depending on the season. Since it is summer I tend to try to wear brighter colors. Although, white is my default color that I wear all year round.

I realize orange is not everyone’s color and it can be difficult to pair it with other clothes. I actually like to wear bright colors because I have dark skin and it brightens up my skin.

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Unique Summer Dress That Is Perfect For The Beach

This week was the beginning of our Summer and we already have our bucket list of things to do. Of course the beach is on our list. I have the cutest unique dress that would be perfect to wear to the beach. I don’t know about you, but I get so excited packing my clothes for the beach. I’ve had to pack clothes to go to many places, but for some reason it’s so easy when I pack for the beach. I think it’s because as long as it looks summer like, and it’s comfy then it’s probably perfect for the beach.

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