Holiday post

Cinco De Mayo Fashion

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Do you have your outfit picked out? I wanted to show you my outfit for Cinco De Mayo and how I picked several items out of my closet to get a “Mexican-style look”. I don’t know about you but I’m ready for some Micheladas, Pina Coladas, and some amazing Mexican food!

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Being Prepared For New York During The Holidays

Ever since I was a teenager I wanted to go to New York City. It was my dream to go there after high school to model, act, and experience life. Well, 15 years later my family and I finally went to New York. It was only for 3 days but we got to go during the holidays. In fact we got to spend Christmas Day in New York City. Was it magical and everything I hoped for? Yes, but there were also many things that I was unprepared for. I read many other blogs before going and nothing that I read prepared me for what we experienced.

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New Year’s Eve Fashion in New York

Happy Friday guys! Some of you know that I was recently in New York. It was my first time to be in New York City and it was fabulous! We got to see all of the Christmas lights and decor. One of my favorite parts of New York was taking pictures there. Mr. PBL was able to do a photo shoot. New Year’s Eve fashion photo shoot in New York, I mean you can’t beat that.

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Fashion Show and Shopping Event

One of the many things that I love about blogging is going to see fashion shows. I love everything about it! That’s why when my good friend Valerie from Val Around Town decided to put on a holiday fashion show and shopping event, I was ecstatic! I co-hosted the event with her. Imagine beautiful outfits, beautiful people, drinks, food, and shopping!

All clothes were sponsored from Dillards. I wanted to show you my three looks. There is a formal look, cocktail look, and a casual look.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A Giveaway

Happy Monday! I can’t believe it’s December 12th already. Who is ready for Christmas? One of the things that I believe Christmas is about is giving. We are so blessed to have a home, food, and for us to have each other. This year we are trying to give more. One of the things I wanted to do is do a giveaway on the blog. Positively Beautiful Life continues to post regularly because of you. If you weren’t reading then there wouldn’t be any point in posting material. To say thank you we are doing a giveaway.

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Slow It Down For The Holidays

Are you a coffee drinker? Do you drink your coffee in a hurry while walking fast to do the next thing or do you slow it down and sit to enjoy your coffee? I think for most of us we like to sit and enjoy our coffee, right? The holidays are here and I think of my coffee like I do the holidays. I want to breathe in the heat of my coffee and enjoy each sip just like I want to take time to enjoy this season.

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Thanksgiving Traditions

I can’t believe it will be Thanksgiving on Thursday. It’s one of my favorite holidays. I enjoy the food of course, but also getting together with my family. Traditions are very important, but it is fun coming up with new things to do together. I wanted to share some of my family’s traditions and the new things we plan to do this year.

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The Importance Of Grandparents


Not everyone has the opportunity to know or have a relationship with his or her grandparents. I’m lucky! I lived with my Grandparents the first five years of my life. I have always been close to them, but not everyone has that kind of an opportunity. Everyone has different life experiences, but I wanted to share mine because it’s important to me and it may be able to help someone else.

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