Inspirational Tuesdays

Desire Of Your Heart

You know that certain thing that you deeply desire. You may not tell people the way you feel but you have this strong passion for it. It will come to your mind every so often and oh how you wish you could have whatever you desire. You may even think it’s silly, but the desire won’t go away.

There are many things that I wish for. Now, as an adult, sometimes I think it’s silly to wish for certain things. I can be a very realistic person at times. I’m a believer that hard work pays off. I tell my son all the time that if he works hard then he can accomplish anything. As a parent, of course I would love to give him whatever he desires as long as I think it’s good for him.

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Appreciate Your Bad Experiences

When you see the title “Appreciate Your Bad Experiences” it almost makes you think it sounds ridiculous. As crazy as it sounds it can be very true to learning and growing from past experiences. You can look at a bad situation in two ways. It can either be a blessing in disguise in some way, or it can leave you bitter and worst off. My pick is for a bad situation is to teach me something.

We all can probably think of at least 1 bad experience in our life. Some of us may even have a very recent bad experience with Hurricane Harvey. It’s important to get to a point of accepting the situation and to make the best out of it.

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Know the Truth and Stand Firm Against The Lies of the Enemy

God’s word is the truth and the enemy will do all that he can to confuse and deceive us. I’ve experienced the fire of the Holy Spirit and I want to be able to continue to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I want to keep growing and expand my faith. I was taken back by some discouragement that I received from someone close to me. I woke up this morning and I prayed and read the bible. It’s funny and amazing how God works. I had something in my heart and I couldn’t necessarily put into words until I got a text from a sister in Christ. Everything that I felt and I couldn’t say she said in a text from a devotional.

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God Never Intended Us To Be Busy

I listened to a sermon at church mentioning about being busy and I wanted to share on this. I think this topic is very relatable to everyone. Anytime I talk to someone I always hear people say, “I’m so busy.” I myself, even say that I’m busy. What does busy mean? It means to be occupied or absorbed. If you are occupied with the many things that are causing you to be busy then where is there room for anything else?

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Tips To Stay Sane This Summer

Summer is exciting and I’m a mom who enjoys her child being home, but it is all too easy to get off to the wrong start. Having your kids home all summer can be exhausting, frustrating, and frankly just plain hard. For the moms who are stay at home moms and for the one’s who homeschool, God bless y’all! Y’all are amazing!

It can be difficult to transition from your child going to school for most of the day during the school week to being at home for 24/7. I am listing some tips that help me. I do only have one child which can be a lot easier compared to having more than one child at home. I do believe these tips can still be helpful.

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Coping With Life Changes

What happens when unexpected life changes happen? Are we resilient or does it shake things up? Think about your daily routine. You probably do the same routine every morning. You take the same route to work. We are habitual when it comes to our daily lives. I know when even the simplest thing changes in my routine it can send a ripple effect through my whole day.

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Five Minutes of Self-Reflection

We tend to have self-reflection time when we need to figure things out. As a parent of a pre-teen I try my best to raise my son right and to be a good person. It wasn’t until we tried something different this year for Lent and it made such a huge impact on him that we are keeping it from now on. Anytime our son was disrespectful or talked back he spent 5 minutes reflecting on what he did in prayer.

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