Dear Parents, Please Read

Dear Parents, this is not a letter that you want to read. You may even be tempted to stop reading. You might even be brave enough to finish reading this and say no, not my child. You might choose to ignore this and go about your life. I urge you to reconsider and take this letter seriously because even though I am not your daughter, I am somebody’s daughter.

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Tips To Stay Sane This Summer

Summer is exciting and I’m a mom who enjoys her child being home, but it is all too easy to get off to the wrong start. Having your kids home all summer can be exhausting, frustrating, and frankly just plain hard. For the moms who are stay at home moms and for the one’s who homeschool, God bless y’all! Y’all are amazing!

It can be difficult to transition from your child going to school for most of the day during the school week to being at home for 24/7. I am listing some tips that help me. I do only have one child which can be a lot easier compared to having more than one child at home. I do believe these tips can still be helpful.

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Ways To Help Your Teen Power Through

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Our teen is at that stage where it’s prime time and vital to help him with life lessons. School life, home life, and on the field life are all intertwined with one another. A key lesson that we try to teach our son is to power through the hard work, pain, and frustration that he goes through. This is important in all aspects of his life. He’s usually presented with two choices. He can take the easy path or power through the hard path.

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Five Minutes of Self-Reflection

We tend to have self-reflection time when we need to figure things out. As a parent of a pre-teen I try my best to raise my son right and to be a good person. It wasn’t until we tried something different this year for Lent and it made such a huge impact on him that we are keeping it from now on. Anytime our son was disrespectful or talked back he spent 5 minutes reflecting on what he did in prayer.

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The Brutal Honesty Of Parenting

Can I be brutally honest? If you have kids then you know that there are always struggles when it comes to parenting. It’s like running through a forest of hills where you go up and down with obstacles in your way. We can probably agree as a whole that it’s hard to be a parent, but have you ever felt like your child is especially hard? I wonder many times why other parents seem to have it easier than me. It’s not something that anyone would like to admit, I know I don’t. Have you ever felt like you try do everything that you can do to be a good parent, to help your child, and the results are still the same?

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The Surprising Results of “OverParenting”

Hey, Mr. PBL here! I don’t know how all you single parents out there do it. My wife went out of town for a whole week for the first time ever. We are a good team, but we have separate responsibilities. She usually makes lunch for school, does the English homework, does laundry, makes sure everything in all the folders are properly filled out, and plans everything out for the week so our son has a very smooth life. I am sure I missed a million other things she does too and I cannot accomplish what I do and what she does. When it is just my son and I, he has to step up and do most of this stuff on his own. I’ve learned a lot about overparenting this week.

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Walking in Confidence

There was young little girl who was very quiet and shy. She didn’t talk much, and she didn’t have a lot of confidence in herself. She wasn’t the prettiest in her class and she wasn’t the smartest either. What do you think others would rate her from a 1-10 scale? I’m sure others would be the first ones to say that she is no more than a 6. It’s all around us, tearing each other down and making each other feel bad about ourselves. I’m so tired of hearing that she is not pretty enough, tough enough, or smart enough. You probably can think of at least one person in your past that has brought you down. The crazy thing is that this has been going on for ages. This kind of discrimination or being derogatory is not new. Unfortunately there are many people that are superficial and think of others like this, especially with girls and women.

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