This Is Me Thursday

The Funnest Game Ever!

Happy Thursday! We had a fun and crazy week and weekend. Let’s just say we saw a great soccer game and we played the funnest game ever! I’m actually being sarcastic about one of these statements. You will have to watch the video on the behind the scenes of our weekend.

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Our Staycation In Houston + Giveaway

We love to travel and go out of town, but this past Spring Break we had a staycation here in Houston.We are so glad we did too! We have lived here for a while and it’s crazy how big Houston is. You can live here for years and not experience everything that Houston has to offer. There are so many great places, but we think that we found the best area to stay in Houston. The Clear Lake/League City/Webster area has so much to offer and we had no idea.

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Embarrassing, Real, and Hilarious

This week’s This Is Me Thursday video is quite hilarious. If you are just joining in, the purpose of this segment is to give you a good idea of how the behind the scenes of Positively Beautiful Life looks like. This week you will have a really good idea of how my life is because I had no control over editing this video.

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Getting Ready For A Photo-Shoot

Yay, it’s Thursday and almost Spring Break for us! Today is This Is Me Thursday, “Getting Ready For A Photo-Shoot”. If you are new to the blog then don’t worry because this is a fairly new segment. This Is Me Thursday is about showing you the behind the scenes of Positively Beautiful Life.

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Behind The Scenes Of A Blogging Work Day

Yay, this is the second week of This Is Me Thursday. This week you will see a little bit of the behind the scenes of a blogging work day. Keep in mind that I am only showing a glimpse of my day. I don’t want to bore you to death. I will see how it goes and hopefully the videos will eventually get a little bit longer. Please let me know what you think. If you don’t say anything then I have no idea if it’s a good idea and if I should keep this segment.

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New Segment: Introducing This Is Me

I was thinking about how ya’ll only get a glimpse into my life. You see the almost flawless pictures, the lavish events that I go to, and you read my posts that have been deeply thought out and edited. Then I was thinking about how you only see a portion of my life. There is a whole lot more to me and my life. If you only saw the behind the scenes, how I look like a hot mess when I am at home working at my computer, or a before look of a fashion shoot. Well, that’s why I’m trying a new segment called: This Is Me. You not only get to see the made up and put together me but the whole me.

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