Date Night Fashion Look For Your Body Type

We have desperately been needing a date night since the move to Austin, Texas. We have been extremely busy dealing with house business such as selling our home back in Houston and buying a home in Austin. On top of that school is about to start, plus trying to get settled into our apartment has not been so easy and trying to get on a schedule. A date night is just what we are needing.

Date Night Look

Being that most of our clothes are in storage at some warehouse that we can’t get in, and we are on a pretty tight budget. My look is something that I already had in my closet. We have been eating out like crazy just because it’s been hard to get settled in, so I know I have been gaining some extra pounds. When you have gained some weight it can be really hard to find anything to wear. Everything is way too tight! Thats when I accentuate my assets and hide the places I don’t want to be shown.

How to find the perfect look for your body type

A skort romper is a great look for my body type because I have long legs. It is loose on the midsection, which is what I want to hide. This is a sexy look without showing too much. I recommend this look for anyone who is tall and has long legs.

If you are short and curvy: If you want to wear a dress I would make sure it has vertical lines. No horizontal lines is a must! I would recommend a v-neck and solid colors would be best. Adding a belt to a dress or a skirt can help hide the midsection. Heels are great to give you height and to make you look thinner than what you are.

Just remember to accentuate your assets and to hide the places you don’t want to show.

I am wearing a skort romper from Target. The yellow color goes well with my dark skin and it’s very comfortable!


The see-thru look is gorgeous!


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