Do’s and Don’ts for Vegas

We recently went to Vegas. We had a great time and we learned a lot of what to do and what not to do. I did do a little research before we went and got some great tips, but it still didn’t prepare me for the common mistakes that people make when you never have been to Vegas before. So here are some do’s and don’ts.

If you are flying to Vegas: Do fly with SouthWest. They are awesome! We have flown thru United, American, Delta, but never SouthWest and we loved it. We also got a great package deal with them. Everyone is so nice and the airport was not crowded at all.

Do your research on where to stay. There is a monorail that gets you down the strip but not every hotel has easy access to it. We stayed in a hotel that the tram just went next door. We did a lot of walking and it wasted a lot of our time. Next time we go we will be sure to stay at a hotel that is on the east side of S Las Vegas Blvd. so we can have easy access to the Las Vegas Monorail.

Do try to get a complimentary upgrade on your room. I slipped the front desk person a 20-dollar bill and it worked. We were given a really nice suite and free champagne nightly. To exactly know how to do this go here:

Do drink your beer while you are walking down the strip. In Vegas you can drink anywhere. How cool is that?

Do wear comfortable shoes. There will be lots of walking. I did wear heels a couple of times but I had a pair of flip-flops in my purse.

Do go to the “Old Strip”. We had so much fun there. There were free shows and concerts. It’s a whole other vibe that we loved!

Do go to shows. Our favorite was a Cirque De Soleil show and we heard that the Jabbawockeez show and the Michael Jackson show are great too! To get cheap show tickets you can go to Tix4Tonight. They have several stands down the strip.

Do other things besides gambling. There are lots to do. My favorite was visiting the Hoover Dam and playing on 1950’s Pin Ball machines at the Pin Ball Hall of Fame. Click on the link to learn of some other great things to do.

Don’t have a purse that you are going to set down. I recommend a cross-body purse that you can keep on you on all times.

Don’t get a shuttle at the airport and pay to get to your hotel and back to the airport. We did that and there is a policy that says you have to call within 24 hours to be picked up. We forgot about the policy and we lost out on the money and we had to end up calling a cab. It also takes forever before the shuttle picks you up. It’s easier to call an Uber driver. A round trip bus ride was 36 dollars and Uber was 20 dollars one way. It is worth the extra 4 dollars not having to wait for the shuttle.

Don’t get a cab. Get Uber. Uber is so much less expensive. Just watch for times when they are super busy because the price can go up. Just download the app on your phone and link your credit card. It’s super easy to do. We spent 18 dollars for a cab ride and 7 dollars for an Uber driver and we went to the exact same place.

Don’t stay at different hotels if you are going with other people. The time wasted walking to meet up hampers the experience you would have had together.

If you are renting a car don’t get Dollar Rent a Car. We had a bad experience with them. We should have known better because the people before us were complaining. I would go with Enterprise. It’s expensive so be prepared the pay the money. It cost us 100 dollars per day. Also it is best that you book the rental in advance. Make sure you are on time too. We saw somebody who was an hour late in picking up their car and they gave the car to somebody else.

If you are gambling and you want a drink don’t count on the waitress coming to you right away. We gambled for 2 hours and we never saw a waitress. Go to a spot where there are a lot of people. The waitress will tend to go to “hot” areas. Where there are lots of people.

Don’t pay 30 or even 15 dollars for a drink. There are CVS’s and you can buy drinks there. Shop around because we went to a CVS and a beer was 8 dollars and another CVS was 3 dollars. CVS has everything from wine to liquor. There are plenty of them too.

Don’t go eat during high peak times if you want to save money. If you go between breakfast and lunch at the buffets you can still get the price of breakfast.

Don’t assume that Vegas is cheap. We did that because that is what we heard and we were wrong. Food, shows, and drinks can be very pricey. I recommend having a budget for gambling and a separate budget for food and entertainment.

Don’t hold back. Enjoy it because it’s Vegas Baby!


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