How far would you go to protect your marriage?

I think the more important question would be how short would you go? It is the less obvious things that can get your marriage in trouble. Right? I know when a man gets married it’s like a movie in his head. If somebody asks him what would you do to save your marriage? A scene from an action film plays out in his mind. His wife is being held hostage by 3 bad guys and he envisions himself fighting and beating them to win his wife back and keep her safe. He would reply, “I would do anything to keep my wife safe.” (He has a grin on his face because the thought of him being a hero is still lingering there).

My husband says this, “I daydream about being an action hero and saving the day all the time. I think about being brave and courageous in crazy situations to keep my family safe. I would even give up my own life and die in order to keep them free from harm.”

“My family is so important to me that I would die for them… I would like you to think about that a moment. I would be willing to give the ultimate sacrifice to spare my family the same fate. The fact of the matter is that I will probably never have the chance to prove my love and devotion this way. Life in suburbia is relatively safe, even boring living day in and day out in the same routine. This is where the trouble lies. If I would be willing to go through such drastic measures to save my family and marriage, then why is it so hard to sit on the couch and give my wife my uninterrupted attention for 15 minutes while she tells me about her day? Why would I be so quick to say yes to a friend who wants to go get some drinks while I am out of town? Why is it so easy for me to be inconsiderate of my wife’s feelings when the immediate danger is so small?”

The reason I am writing all this down is because it is the little things that cause no immediate threat that can be truly threatening. Just like building a fence to keep the zombies out during a zombie apocalypse, I think it is important to put up barricades in your life to help keep out the little things that can sneak up on you and ruin your life. From a woman’s point of view, if your husband lost his job, would you try to lift him up and protect his dignity, his manhood? I think if something like this happened we would go into our protective mode. How about if your husband makes you mad by something that he said. Would you snap back and tear him down? How about you go out with the girls and you are dressed provocatively. You know that other men will be looking, but you convince yourself it is ok. You start to drink. Will you keep in mind that you have a husband at home or will keep drinking and pay no mind?

Try to think about the things that could get you in trouble ahead of time and talk it over with your spouse. It helps to build these protective barriers together. They will be stronger that way.

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5 Key Points That My Husband And I Do To Protect Our Marriage
  • We always try to give a Christian side hug to the opposite sex.
  • We never get more than a little tipsy when we are not together. This goes for being out of town or out with the guys or girls.
  • We don’t speak about details of our marriage with family or friends unless the other spouse gives permission.
  • On a double date we make sure to keep an arms length of distance away from the opposite sex.
  • If we have a friend who is of the opposite sex who calls or texts, then we make sure to be around each other or allow one another to read all texts.


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