Floral Fall Fashion

Yay, it’s Friday! Fall is here even though it’s still 90 degree weather here in Texas. This year velvet and florals are some of the trends for Fall. I honestly never thought I would wear floral anything. It’s not really me, but the crazy thing is that I really fell in love with this outfit. I am wearing a floral skirt, a floral top, a velvet jacket, and a velvet floppy hat.

The floral outfit and jacket is from New York & Company, the black heels are from Dillards, and the floppy hat is from Charming Charlie. 

I have 3 different looks. This look is my favorite! It’s with the floral outfit, sunglasses, and the floppy hat.


Here is a good picture of these adorable black heels! They are super cute, but not the easiest to walk in. I had to walk quite a bit to get to my photo-shoot spot and let me just say I’m happy I didn’t trip and fall.

This second look is with the floral outfit and sunglasses.


I added a black and gold belt and a velvet jacket. When the weather is cool you can throw on a jacket, but since it’s extremely hot in Texas, I just styled it by putting it over me. I absolutely love the neck tie!! I think the neck tie really brings the whole outfit together nicely.

This third look is with the outfit, sunglasses, and the jacket.


I can’t believe this has become one of my favorites. Sometimes you got to step out of your comfort zone because you never know how spectacular it could be. That goes for not just for fashion but for life too!


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