Inspirational Tuesday- She Has It All Together


There is this beautiful lady who is a mom, wife, she is head of the PTA, she teaches Sunday school, she is a soccer mom, and she works part-time. She is a go-getter and she always has a smile on her face. She has dinner done and the table is set at 5pm on the dot. Her home is always clean, dishes are done, and laundry is folded and put up on a daily basis. She spends quality time with her children and husband everyday. She dresses nicely every day and she just has it all together. Wow, she seems utterly perfect, right?

Well, I hate to tell you this but this woman is made up. I am definitely not her and honestly I don’t know of anyone who is that perfect. It’s hard enough for me to have half of those things done that she does on a daily basis.

As a society we tend to compare ourselves to others. If you are a mom, you compare yourself to other moms. If you are a grandma, you compare yourself to other grandmas. If you are a father you compare yourself to other fathers. The list goes on. We have pressure from all areas of life such as the school, church, other parents, and ourselves. You might even know someone who seems to have it all together. More than likely it may seem that way but it’s not, because it’s not realistic and that’s ok.

I strived to be that perfect wife and mom but I fell short. I couldn’t understand why I was having a hard time getting it together. Finding the right schedule and having the energy to get things done can come a lot easier when you take care of you. That is what I was missing. I neglected my mental, physical, and emotional health. Here is a list of things that seem to work great for me and I hope it can help you too!



  • Get as much sleep as possible– this can be so hard to do, especially if you have little ones. I don’t have a little one but I was still going to bed really late. This left me exhausted the next day and I could hardly function and get things accomplished because I was so tired. Once I started going to bed at a decent hour, I was able to be much more efficient the next day.
  • Write down a schedule– it helps when you can look at a schedule and check off the list as you go. This helps you see visually what you need to get done and what you have accomplished.
  • Eat good meals– I was so bad about skipping meals because I got too busy. I would go till late afternoon before I ate anything. Also, try to eat healthy. Eating healthier meals can make you feel better and more energized.
  • Exercise– I don’t have much time to exercise but I try to do 20 squats every hour. I put a timer on my phone to remind me. It takes me two minutes every hour.
  • Take time for you– this was one of the hardest things for me to do because my family came first. Something I didn’t realize is that in order for me to be good for my family I had to be good. If it’s just 15 minutes of drinking coffee and just sitting, or reading a book, or sitting outside. Take time for you because you need it and you deserve it.


It’s easy to get discouraged and feel like you lack in many areas. Concentrate on yourself and find what works for you. All of these things have helped me to be a more energetic, effective, and an efficient mom and wife. It’s not perfect but it works for me!

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I am a mother and a wife. I love fashion, drinking wine or beer, being with family and friends, I love to travel, I enjoy the outdoors, and a bunch more. I love sharing my journey through this blog. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. YES!!! Agreed!! It is so hard trying to live up to this expectation that is made up!! We all want to be superwoman without realizing that we already are every if we don’t do EVERYTHING!! Great post!

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