Keeping It Pink And Girly

When I was younger I didn’t care for the color pink. I thought it looked way too girly. I was more into tight fitting clothes and wearing clothes that would make me look older. Yes, I went through the phase of wearing booty shorts and skimpy dresses. I obviously grew up and my taste in clothing started to change. It’s funny when you are older, and you don’t mind looking younger, and girly for that matter. It’s just like getting your ID checked. Now that I am older, I love it when people ask to see my ID.


We all have an idea how we should all dress depending on our age. I say, why not throw all of those thoughts away? I understand there are some exceptions but seriously, why not? We can all dress girly no matter our age.

Pink and Girly

I found a cute pleaded pink skirt at Target and a soft sweater from Maurices. I wore some cute ball earrings and Ked glittery pink shoes from Charming Charlie.


This outfit is cute, comfy, and fun to wear. I know too many women who would love to feel and look girly, and they think they are too old. Let me just say this, you are never too old to look girly.


The great part about this outfit is that it’s very versatile when it comes to body shape. The long skirt and sweater is great for all sizes. If you are a mom/grandmother it’s perfect because the shoes allow you to run around with your kids/grandkids.


I had such a fun time doing this photo shoot. Take a look at my video. Click here to see video.


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Happy Friday y’all!


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