Ladies Day Out Fashion

We all need a ladies day out the same as guys need their “guy-time.” Do you ever look in your closet and get stressed out because you have no idea what you are going to wear? I spend most of my time in work out clothes except when I go to events. It can get stressful trying to figure out what to wear for a ladies day out.

Think about what happens when you get together with the girls. Most of the time it includes shopping and happy hour. I like cute and easy to put on, especially if I’m trying on clothes. I may be a mom to only one child but he takes up a lot of my time. I can only imagine how it is for all of you super moms that have more than one child. I’m sure something that is easy to put on is very attractive.

Ok, so I am a rule follower except when it comes to fashion. I do not follow the rule of not wearing white after labor day. It’s September and it’s still crazy hot outside.

My favorite outfit in my closet to wear for a ladies day out is this cute off the shoulder white dress from Target. I don’t always have time to fix my hair so I’m wearing my hair up in a bun. As you can see that this dress is easy to take off and to put back on. I’m also wearing some white flip flops. Usually I have to walk a long ways so I like to be comfy. Even though I may be in something comfy I still like to dress up my outfit with earrings and a cute purse.

Isn’t this darling?


This is such a great cute dress to wear on other occasions as well. What do you like to wear for a ladies day out?


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Have a great weekend!

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