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Several weeks ago I was able to visit Magnolia Market in Waco, Tx. I was excited to finally see what everyone has been talking about. If you don’t know what Magnolia Market is, it’s a store that Chip and Joanna Gaines opened up. They are a married couple who stars in HGTV’s show Fixer Upper. Check out the pictures below.




The store is a lot bigger than I expected. The employees must be used to big crowds because they knew exactly how to get people through the line as quick as possible. The staff was very helpful and friendly.








This was my very first time coming to Magnolia Market. Being it was my first time, I didn’t know what to expect. Here are some tips that may help you if you decide to visit Waco, Tx.



Tip 1. I would suggest going to the Market first thing in the morning. The hours vary depending on the season. It was summer hours so they opened up at 9 am. I suggest arriving around 8:30 am. I arrived at that time and I was first in line. Although people were arriving right behind me.

Tip 2. I arrived early for free parking on the side of the street. If you don’t arrive early then bring 1o dollars cash. I was able to get free parking but those parking spots filled up fast. They have a church parking lot across the street but they charge you 10 dollars.

Tip 3. If you go in the summer, bring water. I showed up in the morning and it was already extremely hot.

Tip 4. Bring someone with you. I went alone and it was a bit lonely. It was hard to take pictures too. Kids are more than welcome and they have a huge courtyard for the kids to play on.



Tip 5. I recommend staying overnight. There is a lot you can do and you can make a whole trip out of it. I stayed at Hotel Indigo and it was really nice. It is literally 1 block away from Magnolia Market, very convenient.

Tip 6. It’s okay to come hungry. They have several great food trucks to choose from. My favorite food truck was the Crepes truck.




Tip 7. Wear comfortable shoes. I just wouldn’t be wearing heels, that’s for sure. There are lots of steps inside the store. The courtyard has loose gravel and dirt. Definitely not good for nice shoes.

Tip 8. Take your time. I regret that I was in a rush and I feel like I didn’t really get to soak it all in.


Tip 9. Take pictures. The staff is great about taking pictures for you too.


Tip 10. Explore Waco. There are some really cool things to do. I was in such a rush that I wasn’t able to explore around. The Waco Suspension Bridge and Cameron park is really neat. I also heard Spice Village is a neat place to shop at.




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  1. We were there last week, everything was lovely but it was extremely hot and we had to park a few blocks away. Can’t wait till they open up the bakery.

  2. Thank you for sharing these great tips — and your pictures are beautiful. I’m sorry you weren’t able to spend more time there. I am not sure when I will be able to get there from San Diego….but will definitely try!

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