What to Do Before You Move Into Your New Home

A new home can be very exciting; it’s definitely an adventure. We just moved into the Austin area and as exciting it can be, there are also some things to consider before you move all of your stuff into your home. We have moved twice and for some reason we didn’t remember the mistakes that we made on our first move. I have a list of things to do before you move your stuff into your new home. This will definitely make the process much easier.


  1. If you know the house has been sitting for more than a month make sure to run the water before taking a shower, washing your hands, washing the dishes, hooking up the water to your fridge, and even washing your clothes. We had black water come out when I was about to take a shower. It smelled disgusting too! My suggestion is to get a bucket and let the water out of the hose for the washer and fridge. More than likely your going to have a lot of gunk that comes out.
  2. Scrub the floors and shampoo your carpets before moving in boxes. We need to shampoo our carpets and we can’t because we have boxes everywhere. I strongly recommend doing this before you move in.
  3. Have a plan of where everything is going to go before you start moving in boxes. This would have help tremendously if I had a plan beforehand. Now, I can’t find anything and everything is disorganized.
  4. Have everything set up before you move in. Make sure the electricity, Internet, cable, water, and etc. is set up. We have been without Internet for three days and it was killing me because obviously my job is done online.
  5. Let the post office know your new address before moving in. You would hate to lose some mail in the whole process.


We knew to do these things, but I guess with all of the stress of moving we forgot. It would have been a much smoother process if we had done everything on this list prior to moving in.


We hope to update you soon on our new home.

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