Moving To A New City/Update

Moving to a new city can be exciting but very stressful at the same time. If you have been following along with the blog then you might already know that we packed up from Houston Texas and we are now living in Austin Texas.

Austin is such a wonderful city, although it is very different from what we are used to. Everyone seems nice and welcoming which has really helped in adjusting to a new city. We have been looking around the Austin area to find a home for the past month. We finally found one and we get our keys today. We are very excited to move into our permanent home!

Tips To Consider When You Are Moving To A New City

Things always seem to be stressful when you are moving to a new area. I’m including some things that you may want to consider and do when you are new to an area.

Location of your home: You can change the look of your house but you can’t change where it is located. Make sure to pick an area that you are going to be happy at. Drive around the area and do some research on the area that you are considering.


School: If you have kids it is important to check out the schools before you move into the area. I like to visit with some of the faculty and get a tour of the school. Right now I’m homeschooling so I wasn’t too worried about the schools.


Get acquainted with the area: You will need to know the area to get from one place to another. I suggest driving around during the daytime and at night to get to know the streets and highways.


Setting your family up with Doctors/Dentists: It’s important to transfer all of your medical records and to research some good doctors in the area you are living in.


Finding your stores: Grocery store, bank, and shopping for other miscellaneous items are important, so finding the closest store is a must! Google will be your best friend.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions and talk to the locals: You will find out the most useful information just by talking to the people in the area you want to live in. A welcome center is a great place to start!


We are so excited to go on this journey with you all. Stay tuned for pictures of our new home.


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