The Truth About Blogging

I just had my four-year blogiversary and I would consider myself a seasoned blogger. It has definitely been a journey, and I have learned a lot of lessons the hard way. Everyone asks me how blogging works and how I make money. To be honest, I could write a whole book and several sequel books when it comes to blogging and still have information to share.


Here are some truths to blogging


Blogging is always changing because society is changing. That is why you might hear of bloggers going to conferences because there is always new information to learn.


Every blogger is different because we all have different voices. No blog is the same; therefore each blogger’s audience is different.


Many people think there is a secret to blogging or you have to do a list of things to be successful. There is a never-ending list of things that you have to continuously do. There is not just one thing that is going to make your blog a success. It’s a whole multitude of things. I’m sorry to say this, but there is no secret. If there is, please let me know.


There are many people that think bloggers have an easy job. Let me put it this way. I have done many jobs and this is one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever done. I work 7 days a week and anywhere from 4 to 12 hours a day. The amount of time and work you have to put into your social media alone can be overwhelming. True, you get to work from wherever you are and you don’t need to drive into an office. This only means your office is wherever you are, even if you are trying to have quality family time.


As a blogger you put your heart and soul into your posts. There are many times that I open up about personal things and I allow myself to be vulnerable. Those are some of times that I don’t get a comment, a like, a share, and I don’t have many views. As a blogger, I wonder if anyone even cares to read my stuff. I write because I love it, but also to help others. If nobody is reading my stuff, in all reality I’m doing it all for nothing. Those are just some of the battles that a blogger goes through.


Many people think bloggers make a lot of money. For some bloggers they do make a decent living. For me, I am happy that I can make 1 bill payment with my blog income. Making money takes time. For many bloggers it takes them years before they start making money. There are some bloggers who are exceptions to do this. Those are the lucky ones!


For me, there are some key components to have a successful blog. Your blog name should be easy to remember.PositivelyBeautifulLife was not exactly the best blog name. It is hard to type into a phone when I am trying to show people my blog. My name is too dang long, plus it can be hard to spell out. An easy to remember and short enough name to search for within seconds is the best way to go.


Most people don’t realize how much of your work is done on social media. It’s very important to cross-promote your blog on social media. I spend way too much of my time on social media and there are many times that I feel like I’m not growing at all.


It is true that you can have the opportunity to work with well-known companies. This usually depends on your content, engagement, # of views on your blog and social media handles, and work ethic.


I went to a blog conference when I first started out blogging. I didn’t know much about blogging and I did not have a support group yet. Paying to go to this conference was the thing that changed my blog from a hobby to a job. I learned key aspects to how to build my brand, and more importantly, I met some people that have become my best friends. If you are interested in having a blog this is where I would recommend you start. It does not have to be this specific one, I have been to many. All of the conferences have been helpful in some way.


If you are interested in having a blog yourself my advice is to make sure you do your homework. Research as many things as you can before starting a blog. Take the extra time to build your foundation and the mission of your blog before you even get your own website. Anyone can have a blog but only a handful of people can truly make it a full time business. Although, anything is possible when you put your mind to it.




I am a mother and a wife. I love fashion, drinking wine or beer, being with family and friends, I love to travel, I enjoy the outdoors, and a bunch more. I love sharing my journey through this blog. Thanks for stopping by!

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