Walking in Confidence

There was young little girl who was very quiet and shy. She didn’t talk much, and she didn’t have a lot of confidence in herself. She wasn’t the prettiest in her class and she wasn’t the smartest either. What do you think others would rate her from a 1-10 scale? I’m sure others would be the first ones to say that she is no more than a 6. It’s all around us, tearing each other down and making each other feel bad about ourselves. I’m so tired of hearing that she is not pretty enough, tough enough, or smart enough. You probably can think of at least one person in your past that has brought you down. The crazy thing is that this has been going on for ages. This kind of discrimination or being derogatory is not new. Unfortunately there are many people that are superficial and think of others like this, especially with girls and women.

The girl that I described above; that was me. When I was little I didn’t know my self worth. I didn’t know that I was special. I also didn’t know how much God loved me. We can’t help how some people think. People will try to tear you down just because things in their life are not going well. What we can do is rise up and walk in confidence. Know who you are and what you stand for. Know that you are special and you are loved. Know your worth. Know that you are one of a kind.

You are not ordinary. You are extraordinary!


I wish for all young girls and women to know this. Even through the imperfections, you are beautiful. Parents, we should be teaching our daughters their value. Show them how special and precious they are by example. Moms, if we walk in confidence then so will our children.




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